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Phosphorus Removal and Harvesting Products

PhosphoReduc Onsite

Onsite Residential Wastewater P Harvesting and Removal

WSSI developed a simple, phosphorus harvesting and removal PhosphoReducTM  systems for households and commercial applications. It has shown excellent Phosphorus (and pathogens) removal efficiencies regardless from whether it is installed after the septic tank or after N removal system. Moreover, PhosphoReducTM  system can be easily retrofitted to ANY Nitrogen removal product to provide …

Effluents Treatment Municipal

Municipal Wastewater Effluents Treatment

Modularized phosphorous removal patented products for utilities and industrial wastewater treatment plants, 5 – 100,000 gpd: PHOSPHOREDUC PRODUCTS FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS_FACTSHEET    

BioRetention Products

Urban Stormwater Runoff Treatment

Bio-retention products for Urban and Industrial Runoff Treatment PhosphoReduc BioRetention Systems for Urban Stormwater Runoff Treatment_Factsheet In February 2014, PhosphoReduc established the License agreement and gave the exclusive rights to Convergent Water Technologies (  to use its Phosphorus filtration media to enhance Phosphorus reduction in Convergent’s products designed and used …

Cartridge Ag Products

Agricultural Subsurface and Surface Runoff Flow Phosphorus Reduction

WSSI has invented several patented PhosphoReduc products for Phosphorus removal, harvesting and recycling from subsurface (tile) flows, ground water or surface runoff flows on agricultural lands. PhosphoReduc products for agricultural subsurface and surface runoff flows phosphorus reduction have been accepted as the Interim Conservation Practice Standard 782 by the Vermont Natural …