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Urban Stormwater Runoff

PhosphoReduc Bioretention System Hardwick VT_Sep 2013

Urban Stormwater Treatment VT

PhosphoReduc BioRetention System Hardwick, VT Project Objectives: Compare the efficiency of two different rain garden designs (VT traditional design and PhosphoReduc Bioretention System) in Phosphorus and suspended solids reduction from Stormwater Runoff. Project constructed in November 2012 VT Rain garden and PhosphoReduc Bioretention System was planted in May 2013. Water …

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Stormwater Retention Pond Retrofit – Virginia

Retention Pond Retrofit Virginia, 2008 Two PhosphoReduc Filters laid out in series were installed in January 2008 in Loudon county, Virginia as a retrofit to existing retention pond with the aim to reduce Phosphorus from combined agricultural, industrial and urban stormwater runoff. Golf course runoff treatment, Columbus, OH System was implemented …