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Agricultural Effluents Treatment

PhosphoReduc System at Swan valley Cheese_VT

Cheese Processing Effluent – Vermont

Cheese Processing Plant Effluent Treatment Vermont, USA This project represented the first evaluation of a PhosphoReduc System in phosphorus and total suspended solids reduction from cheese processing plant wastewater in the USA. The system was implemented as an add-on, secondary treatment stage to existing wastewater lagoon system located in Swanton, …

Ohio Installation_1&2

Agricultural Tile Drainage Runoff Treatment – Ohio

Following successful phosphorus and suspended solids reduction from the agricultural tile drain in Charlotte, Vermont (2010-2011), two Phosphoreduc systems have been implemented in a treatment train after nitrate bioreactor¬† to reduce phosphorus reduction from agricultural tiles runoff in Ohio (Ohio State University Farm, Columbus¬† and St. Charles Seminary in Grand …


Heavy Animal Use Areas Runoff Treatment – Pennsylvania

Heavy Animal Use Areas Runoff Treatment, Chesapeake Bay, PA Despite significant efforts by Federal, State, and local governments and other interested parties, water pollution in the Chesapeake Bay prevents the attainment of existing State water quality standards and the “fishable and swimmable” goals of the Clean Water Act. At the …